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Monthly Drivers Photo Competition Winners


Coach Holidays with Trains

It’s full steam ahead with our selection of coach holidays that feature an exciting journey on a train. You will discover nostalgic train trips in the UK along with world renowned journeys through magnificent scenery in Europe. Crusader Holidays – Coach Holidays See all our coach holidays See all our Coach Holidays with Trains

10 things to enhance your City Break

1. A Camera – You’re going to see so much in such a short space of time, you’ll be snapping away! A camera full of memories will be great way to look back at all the amazing experiences you’ve had and the monuments & sights you’ve seen, it will be great to reflect on the coach journey home.

2. Sensible Shoes –You’ll want to take in as much as possible so make sure you’ve got your comfy shoes on!

3. Versatile Clothing– In the UK or Europe, the weather can be changeable so make sure you prepare for all occasions, chuck in a jumper in case it’s colder than expected one day or pack your shorts to catch those rays if its surprisingly warmer than you thought.

4. A Day Bag (Small backpack or Satchel) – Make sure you’ve got a little bag for all your essentials in the day, a bottle of water, tissues etc. Also your bound to pick up small mementos whilst exploring and sightseeing, postcards and such like, so a little bag will be great to store all those little treasures.

5. Sun Protection -Sunglasses, Sunhat & Sunscreen – Especially in Europe, make sure you pack whatever you need to keep those rays at bay! With days full of sightseeing you don’t want the sun to hinder you.

6. A Light Jacket or Scarf – Keep this in your day bag. So at dusk if you’re still out exploring, a light jacket or scarf should be just enough to keep the breeze away so you can enjoy an evening stroll, reminiscing of the day gone by.

7. A Mini Travel Guide Book – Impress the group with your knowledge of that hidden, but must see, spot in Amsterdam or a little known fact about the Eiffel Tower. This also doubles up as a little something to read whilst travelling.

8. A few Key Phrases – Have a little note of key phrases to hand, the please’s and thankyou’s, the hello’s and goodbye’s of wherever you’re visiting.

9. Local Delicacies – Make sure you try the local delicacies whilst exploring any city, stop for snails or frogs legs whilst in Paris, or grab mussels & fries on the go in Bruges. Also, why not grab a little gift for those back home of all the tasty local produce you’ve tried and tested.

10. A Map – Finally, a map, you’ll want to see everything in the time you have, so a handy little pocket map will be perfect to get from the A to B, in the quickest way possible so you don’t miss anything and arrive back in time for the coach!

Crusader Holidays – Coach Holidays
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December’s Drivers Photo Competition Winner


Our tour driver Eddie, took this great photo on our ‘New Year in Paris’ tour in December. A worthy winner of this months prize!

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