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Stuart – Ops/Driver – Lowestoft feeder route

It is still light at 6pm, (Spring is definitely upon us) just as I am leaving the yard in the 29 seater mercedes minibus that I will be operating this mini feeder service in. The priority first is to fill up with fuel and as I arrive at the BP station at Weeley Crown Interchange, there is another coach on the other pump, so I exchange “pleasantries” that have been experienced through our day.

I get to my rendezvous point at the new Weston Colchester Football stadium ground, which is a vast area (ideal for mini coach interchange! – but maybe not on a match day/evening. This new junction too off of the A12 is ideally placed for when we want to manage passenger logistics going back to either Clacton or the other direction to Ipswich and beyond) in good time, with seven minutes spare to accept my passengers from in the inbound bus thats come up from Thurrock, but bound for Clacton. Good team work gets the luggage moved over to my bus and the passengers are comfortably seated for their onward journey home to Pakefield (near Lowestoft).

So as we rejoin the A12, we wave farewell to the passengers branching off back to Clacton, as we contiue north towards Ipswich and Lowestoft with fairly and somewhat unusally quiet traffic. As we travel along this route, the signposts remind us that we are in the beautiful, unspoilt “Constable Country” of Dedham. As we continue, we travel over the magnificant feet of engineered river Orwell Bridge, which dominates the Ipswich estuary on our left and the Walton and Felizstowe back waters on our right. We travel round numerous roundabouts, passing the Martlesham heath BT tower and science park. Lovely sunset now, to our left, which is setting over Wickham Market, signs indictate more places of natural beauty, notably Aldeburgh, Southwold (for Adnams beer brewery) Snape Maltings, all located along our route on the right.  We pass through the pretty village of Yoxford, continuing  on we see in the distance “The becon” the church at Blythburgh is all illuminated (it is said, is used for ship navigation too for its prominence and close proximity to the extreme east coast) and a sharp left turn brings us to the beautiful estuary setting of blythburgh. Of note here is first thing in the morning, with the early mist over the tranquile water and sunrise, an amazing photo opportunity presents. A little further on we pass the vast and diverse Benacre Park country estate of some 7,700 acres, with the sheep peacefully grazing (by now dusk) in the front grounds.

We are nearing our destination after we pass through the small village of wrentham, with another tight left turn, we contiue on and in our sights is one of the towering new wind turbines which is located close beside the A12 “in a field” and at the back of someone’s back garden! Then as we pass the newly saved and revived famous Pontins holiday camp of Pakefield, its just a couple more roundabouts to negotiate, before we arrive at our destination, in good time! of the Tramways Hotel, Pakefield.

The moral of the story is; We don’t brew beer, but if we did, it would probably be the best in the world!

Thanks for reading,

Stuart 18th April 2012.

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