Diano Marina ‘All Inclusive’ – Ronnie

Day 1

All clients were in good spirits. We stopped for food at Rheims and then onto Dijon, all the clients had rooms with air con – thank goodness as it was such a very hot day!

Day 2

We stopped a newly refurbished Drome, Vale De Ablon, for lunch and then passed Montreux and Mornas Fotress. Here, we spotted fellow driver, Anthony, on his way to Spain! We arrived at Diano Marina for around 8pm so a quick wash and change and down for dinner and a quiet evening.

Day 3

Morning trip to Alassio, along the Ligurian Coast, it was very busy with people making their way to the beaches. We spent a couple of hours in Alassio, then back to Diano Marina for lunch, which is very good (three courses if you want it!). Clients had the afternoon free today, some people went to the beach and others had a rest in their rooms as it was very hot – today it reached 39 degrees!

Day 4

It was very hot again today but people enjoyed their day. There was entertainment this evening and people had a really good night.

Day 5

A free day in Diano Marina, today. Some clients went to the local market and after lunch, many went to the beach or the pool in the hotel opposite. All enjoyed their day. I went to the market with Shirley, then a relaxing afternoon. In the evening, Danny the son of the establishment put on a bingo session – which was good fun!

Day 6

Monaco, today. It was very warm, 28 degrees before we left and once in Monaco it went up to 37 degrees! Clients enjoyed the day in the Palace Square; they were preparing the stage for a ‘Robbie Williams’ concert! In the afternoon, it was Monte Carlo for the casino, one lady won 135 euros on the slot machines – I only managed 26 euros, before I bottled it! We finished the day, at the perfumery, where we all came away smelling very nice. Then we headed back to the hotel for dinner and a quiz this evening with Danny.

Day 7

Dolceacqua and Menton today, once again, it was very hot. We travelled along the coast road from St Remo, past all the old hotels and villas from the Victorian days, lovely! We enjoyed a early lunch in Dolce, then onto Menton, where the lemon festival is held in February. A couple of hours here before retuning to the hotel. Tonight, there is karaoke! I’ll let you imagine…

Day 8 & 9

Its time for the journey home.
All the clients enjoyed the holiday.

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One response to “Diano Marina ‘All Inclusive’ – Ronnie”

  1. Doreen Ingram says :

    Firstr trip with Crusaderholidays, but had met the driver before,!!
    suspect every single woman that ever went on a holiday with him as the driver, fell in love with him, well not this one, I did that 2 years ago, on another trip, with another coach firm.(don’t think, saying goodbye when you get off the couch, can be really good for you, with him playing You’ll never get to heaven if you break my heart, not long before.(it could have been for at least 4 others on that coach.
    can’t afford to save up again, to get sent packing with my suitcase for a third timeNow can I

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