Snow Coach Arosa – Martin

Day One

The changeover took place and all went well, it was only me and Rick going for the ferry, I had a pick up at Canterbury so we arrived at Dover with not much time before we boarded the ferry.

The run to our overnight hotel went well and we arrived for 8.20pm.

Day Two

We left our hotel for 7.50am, as we were driving south; we were driving into the sun. I don’t know if this is what sent all my passengers to sleep but it was very quiet on the coach!

We crossed into Germany and stopped for a coffee on our route south, we then crossed into the Black Forest for our drive to the Rhine Falls. After we climbed the Hollentall, the road was clear but there was a lot of snow around and plenty of people were out skiing.

We stopped at lunchtime in the Rhine Falls, it was a wonderful day for photos and then it was onto our hotel at Feldkirch for dinner at 6pm and a restful evening.

Day Three

Today we enjoyed the train to Arosa. It’s just a short drive to Chur through Liechtenstein, we were joined by Albert, our guide for the day; we had free time in Chur before catching our train to Arosa. It was a nice, warm day with plenty of snow – some passengers took the cable car up to the White Horn, others enjoyed a bus ride and free time for lunch. Our return train left on time, we had some passengers who we thought were going to miss it, so I was going to leave Albert to wait for them, but just as the train was leaving, they arrived, so we all left Chur together.

Tonight, after dinner, we enjoyed some entertainment in the dining room.

Day Four

Well today, there was heavy rain at the hotel but thankfully as we left the hotel for our drive over the Bodele pass to Schwarzenberg, the rain stopped so we had a wonderful drive. We enjoyed a few photo stops and although there was no recent snow, there was plenty on the ground. We stopped for photos in Schwarzenberg as it is one of the nicest villages because of all the timbered buildings. Then, it was onto our Schnapps tasting which is very much a family business.

After this we went off to Lindau for lunch, but again there was heavy rain which fortunately soon stopped, so we could see all the trees were white in the Wald.

Our next stop was Bregenz; all the passengers had a look and enjoyed some coffee and cakes.

Day Five

Today was our free day as the market is on in Feldkirch, it was one, nice and sunny. Some passengers walked into town and others caught the local bus, I walked in with some of my passengers and I walked back via the wild life park.

Tonight, we had our folk evening.

Day Six

It was snowing at breakfast but it did not last, I drove the back road to Bludenz and stopped at the Chocolate Shop. Most passengers seem to like the chocolates and it is very reasonable when you bulk buy. After this, we got back on the motorway and there was plenty of snow. I had to put on the chains because of the amount of snow! So a stop in Zurs and on to Lech and it was nice and sunny so very good for photos. On the way back I stopped on the Arlberg to take my chains off but struggled with one, but I got there in the end, so we arrived back for 3.45pm.

Day Seven

We left the hotel and it was snowing, for our route back.

A drive along to Bodensee and up to the Black Forest via Triberg stopping at Cuckoo Shop at Niederwasser, then onto Landau and over the Pfalz region.

We arrived at our overnight hotel for 5.15pm, it’s new to us and it’s a superb hotel.

Day Eight

Our last day, so as always, we were heading for the ferry, so it was an early breakfast and off we went on our way to Calais.

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