10 things to enhance your visit to a Flower Show

1. Try & Grab a Show Guide – These will really come in handy on your journey around any flower show, it will be a guide as a map, point out all the toilets, catering facilities, and more importantly all those the must-see displays. It will be a real asset in ensuring you get the most out of your day.

2. Sensible Shoes – There will be a fair amount of walking involved in any visit to a flower show and you’ll want to take in as much as possible so make sure you’ve got your comfy shoes on!

3. Versatile Clothing- In the UK or Europe, the weather can be changeable so make sure you prepare for all occasions. From an umbrella to a sunhat, either could be required!

4. A Day Bag (Small backpack or Satchel) – Make sure you’ve got a little bag for all your essentials in the day, a bottle of water, tissues and a bite to eat.

5. Don’t forget to take your camera! – You’re going to see so much in such a short space of time, you’ll be snapping away! A camera full of fantastic flower displays – intricate designs and dazzling arrangements, the pictures will be a great reminder and perfect to reflect on the coach journey home.

6. Find out all the latest gardening trends – Flower Shows are the best place to find out, all about the upcoming gardening trends – the Chelsea Flower Show in particular is described as the garden design equivalent of the ‘Paris Fashion Week’! Your garden at home, will be the talk of the town after a visit to any flower show!

7. Get some advice from the experts – If you’re a bit of gardening novice or just want to know more, at any flower show there will be plenty of experts on hand to help with friendly advice, some flower shows even offer ‘How To’s’ and ‘first time gardener’ workshops.

8. Celebrity Spot – Many Flower Shows will have Live Garden & Cookery Theatre to enjoy and learn from. Plus, there are often talks from top gardening experts such as Alan Titchmarsh or James Alexander-Sinclair.

9. Shopping! – There is often the chance to pick up a vast array of unique purchases at any flower show from sundials to secateurs, local or regional food & drink, to decorative arts, crafts & gifts and most notably unusual plants and flowers and much, much more.

10. Experience – There is lots more to see and do at any Flower Show on top of the great array of flower displays to be seen, ranging from cookery demonstrations, to dog agility performances to aeroplane stunt shows, there can be so much more to experience so don’t miss out!

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