10 Things to do in Breathtaking Bruges

1. Take a canal tour – a tour along the canals in Bruges is an absolutely must, no matter how many times you do this tour, the sights are ever-changing and it’s still as magical as the first time. On most canal tours, you’ll find multilingual guides that provide a great history of the city for new and old visitors to Bruges.

80_CBR WB - Bruges Canal - Main Image (b)

2. Take a ride on a horse drawn carriage – Travel around the old city of Bruges in style, with an air of romance and history; this is the perfect treat for you and a loved one.


3. A visit to Minnewater Park – the Minnewater (Love Lake) and its lovely Minnewater Park is one of the most romantic places in Bruges. On a visit to this lovely park, you can spot some ducks and swans, swans are a well-known symbol of Bruges and you’re bound to spot them often over your stay!

Bruges, Belgium, Minnewater lake
4. Chocolate, Beer or Mussels & Fries – whatever comes to mind, indulge it all, you’re on holiday after all! In the city of Bruges, there is a museum dedicated to the story of chocolate and the world’s only museum – dedicated to the story of chips! Both a great and tasty visit if you get the chance!

Belgian chocolate
5. Don’t miss the great choice of local markets! On a Saturday, a market is held at the Zand Market Square, which is a must see area to embrace the full culture of Bruges.

6. Visit one of the many museums – If you have the chance, a visit to this Groeninge museum of fine art is a must! It’s highly rated on all of the article and blogs recommending the top destinations to visit in Bruges. Or the Gruuthuse museum, a museum of applied arts and don’t forget the world’s only museum dedicated to the story of chips!

Bruges - The Gruuthusemuseum in evening light.
7. Stop by all the amazing monuments – The Belfry is a must, being the most important of Bruges’ towers; it stands 83 metres tall, once at the top, experience the breath-taking, panoramic views of Bruges, some of the best in the city. Also in the centre of the Zand Market Square are the monuments to Pieter De Coninck and Jan Breydel two iconic monuments to admire and of course, there are many, many more.

8. Ostend, known as the Queen of the Belgian Coast – Join us for an optional excursion, to the quintessential cosmopolitan 19th century beach resort contrast of the historic town of Bruges, a must to experience the full variety that Belgium has to offer.

81_Ostend 2
9. Stop by the charming little town of Sluis – Join us for an optional excursion as we go just over the border into Holland, Sluis is complete with its own working windmill. Add another dimension to your break away by visiting Sluis.

Le vieux moulin de Retranchement, près de Sluis
10. Experience Bruges at night – With so many restaurants, pubs and bars to wile the evening away you’re sure to find something to keep you entertained of an evening, in Bruges. Not to mention the scenery at night is just spectacular, it’s just breath-taking to walk and see that which you’ve experienced in the day in such a different yet still magnificent perspective at night.

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