Normandy & D Day Landings – Facebook Competition – Winner’s Blog – Ann

Ann, the winner of our Normandy & D Day Landings Competition has written us, a very lovely diary of her winner’s holiday below.

Day 1

We boarded our coach, all went smooth to Dover got our ferry to Calais it was a very smooth crossing. It was a great run to our hotel arriving about 7pm.

Day 2

Well what can I say! We found out we had a D Day landing veteran on our coach, Fred 92 years young, he will be 93 this week. I can assure you we were all honoured to be in the company of this man. With our hero Fred, we visited Juno, Omaha & Gold Beaches, also we visited the museum at St Maria English and saw John Steele hanging from the church, we had a very full day sightseeing.

Day 3

Well this was be a very emotional day as Fred was laying a wreath to his fallen men on Sword Beach. It was raining but this was not going to stop us or Fred. We visited Pegasus Bridge and of course Madam Gondree – Fred went and said hello to her again and had tea with her, this time it was not champagne as in 1944. From there, we went to Sword Beach and the memorial to the Hampshire’s, which was Fred’ s unit. We stopped and got out and Fred laid his wreath with the help of his grandson and son, so 3 generations, to his fallen comrades, there was not a dry eye on the beach so it was a good job it was raining so we could blame the tears on the rain.

Day 4

Well, our last day, we are early birds as we are leaving. Sad, sad. Ricky our driver is a credit to the company and very good and knowledgeable of the area. We made our way to the docks, boarded our ferry, which was a bit choppy in places but all went well. We dropped people off in Dover and then on to Canterbury to drop our D Day landing hero and his family. Well, I can tell you he had a round of applause as he got of the coach! Fred, it was a honour to even walk in your presence and thank you for letting us be a part of your wreath laying to your fallen comrades.

All I can say is thank you Crusader, you do fantastic holidays and some times you get to meet a superhero aka Fred, we all agreed it was a honour to be on this trip with a D Day hero. A once in a life time chance, thank you Crusader and thank you Fred for the freedom to allow us to do this.

Above is a selection of photo’s Ann took on tour.

Thank you Ann, a lovely piece!

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