Royal Bavaria & Austrian Tyrol – Ronnie

102_Austrian Tyrol NeuschwansteinDay 1

Off we go on our first day! We had a few Crusader Holidays regulars on this tour, which is always nice.

Day 2

After breakfast, we continued towards Strasburg, and then crossed the Rhine into Germany. We stopped for coffee near Raplin Baidu, which is a nice coffee stop with a nice terrace, made more enjoyable as the weather was heating up. From here, we went direction Stuttgart, after that we headed for Ulm, getting lunch just before, everybody loves the German services!

After lunch, it was straight down over the Danube and into the Miller Valley heading
to Kempton and the Austrian border. We arrived at the hotel at 4pm, and I met the guests again at 6.15pm to orientate them with the layout of the hotel, as it’s very big! We had a good meal and then most people relaxed on the terrace. I had a drink with one of our regulars, Sid from Southchurch; who is 88 but acts like a teenager, great!

Day 3

We went off to visit Neuschwanstein today. We left the hotel at 9am to retrace our steps towards the border. On the way to reach the Castle at Schwangau, we get ready for the bus to take us to the Maria Bridge for a photo stop and then we continue to the Castle about a 10 minute walk for most, with another stop for photos overlooking the Lake and the Hohenschwangau. (Ludwigs Dad’s place)
After lunch, we visited a museum. We drove across the country to the Weiss Church, a magnificent Rococo Building. After clients had a look, we continued to Oberammergau where most of the clients enjoyed an ice cream, as it was very hot! Of course we had a look at the theatre and the shop containing carvings that Oberammergau is most famous for. We returned to the hotel via Garmisch, arriving about 5.30pm.

Day 4

It was a bank holiday in Austria. But we were off to visit Germany today, to visit Lindluhof, a bit calmer then Neuschwanstein. Today I had a free afternoon, so I went with Sid and his mate John up the chair lift opposite the hotel; it was a bit cooler at the top! I had a nice spag bol for lunch, lovely.

Day 5

We visited Zugspitze today and enjoyed some lovely weather. We went on a bus ride to the cable car station above Erhwaus, great views all the way up. At the top, we were at 10,000ft, the views were just wonderful- 360 views and clear skies.
After coffee, we took more photos and then got on the cable car back down the Glarmin side to Eibsee, again it was very hot. We had a couple of hour’s free time, I took advantage of this time to visit my usual café for a late lunch, which was very nice. I haven’t been since September but they still remember that I sit just inside the door with my book and have Hawaiian toast. After a little wander it was back to the station for a train back to Lermoos, which arrives at 4.35pm. All the clients that I took with me today really enjoyed themselves.

Day 6

A nice leisurely start to the day for our drive down the Fern Pass to the Inn Valley, then the Oetz Valley, it was a lovely day again. We then drove onto the Glacier, plenty of snow on the top making for great views! The clients had a little lunch here, because when we go back down the valley we stop at Oetz for coffee and strudel (well I do anyway!) As we descend from the Glacier, we saw a waterfall and so many more great views down the valley, then onto our strudel stop! Most clients had a strudel, so much so, that the café ran out! From Oetz it’s about an hour return back to the hotel, for about 5.15pm, a good day.

Day 7

Today we visited Innsbruck. Only a few clients today as most wanted to chill by the pool or use the cable car near the hotel, just down the Fern Pass, then by the way of Motz, down to Inn Valley about an hour and ½ run.
Returning to the hotel, arriving at about 4.30pm.

Day 8

We left the hotel at 7.45am; I took a slightly different route than normal today. We had a lunch stop at Hockenheim and then onto the Rhine where all the clients went on a boat from St Goar to Boppard which all the clients enjoyed. A good way to end the day.

Day 9

The usual return to Calais. A good tour!

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