Black Forest & Alsace Villages – Ronnie

Day 1: Sleeping on the ferry

We were a bit late away from interchange, but no problem, my only pick up was in Dover. The ferry was a bit late but we made up the time, it was a very nice day for the crossing. On the journey across to France it was a bit wet but as I was asleep it wasn’t a problem! We arrived at the hotel at about 10.30pm.

Day 2: Christmas Shop & Lake Titisee

Our first stop was near Hornberg to a Cuckoo Clock Shop, which now has the upper floor open as an all year Christmas Shop and the café was open too. From there, we climbed up into the Black Forest High Road which offers good views off towards Feldberg, the highest point of the Black Forest and Switzerland. On this particular day, May 13th we had a downpour of snow!

When we arrived at Lake Titisee, it was wet and did not stop raining, so some guests enjoyed a boat ride on the lake. After Lake Titisee we journeyed to Freiburg via Hollental, a nice afternoon. We returned to the hotel by 6pm.

Day 3: Strasbourg & Bingo

A good day for Strasbourg, it was nice & bright. We did the tour with our tour guide Eveline, who was good as always. When the tour of city was finished I went and fuelled up then I did what I often do which is ride up and down on the trams! Great! €1.30 for an hour and all I do is go to the end of the line wherever that is and get off, have a coffee, then go back into the city and go in the other direction, sad really.

I picked up my clients at 3.45pm, they all enjoyed the Strasbourg a lot, they went on the canal boat which with the weather was a nice way to spend an hour or so. Then, this evening Armin the Hotelier played his ‘1 Million Euro Bingo’, which people find very amusing because it ain’t bingo like we know it!

Day4: Alsace Villages

Today we toured the Alsace Villages, the weather was a bit cool but dry and the sun was trying to come out. Kaysersberg was a bit chilly, but by the time we arrived the guests went on the Noddy Road Train which is very good, because it goes up into the vineyards and you get great views over the vines and way across the Rhine to the Black Forest. After lunch at Riquewihr, we drove the short distance to the Ribeauville, passing on the way the Stork Park Reserve and the Butterfly Papillon Park which has a very nice display in the shape of a Butterfly. After a last stop here at Ribeauville, we make our return to the hotel after a good day out visiting the Alsace Villages , arriving about 5.15pm.

Day 5: Return home

After an early breakfast we head back towards Calais with a couple of stops en route for the 3.20pm ferry.


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