Saxony, Dresden & Colditz – Eddie

Neukirchen, Germany – Monday Afternoon

We arrived early at 4pm, seeing the hotel it’s beautiful and very peaceful. Dinner was booked for 6pm and I was hoping to take in any interesting sights of the surrounding area – I have 2 hours. Two hours later, I have seen 102 sheep, 37 cows of various colours, 225 chickens and 2 roosters fighting!

I have seen a sign pointing towards someone called Norma – what she does I am not sure but I am hoping to pay her a visit on our free day…

Dresden- Tuesday Morning

We passed Norma after leaving the hotel – turns out she is a brick built supermarket! Free day dreams dashed!

I have never been to Dresden, but I love exploring! Once we met our guide, we enjoyed a really good city tour with lots of photo stops; along the river, all over the old town and then we enjoyed plenty of free time in the afternoon.

Have forgotten all about Norma ….and have fallen in love with a Thuringuian sausage from the Spring Market in the old square – best 3 euro lunch I have eaten! It was a great place to eat, lots of stalls selling different food, drink and a great atmosphere. Then topped it off with a piece of local cake – Eiers Checke; made of honey, eggs, pastry & cream.

I absolutely love Dresden!

Leipzig & Colditz – Wednesday

Another first time for me. Leipzig was stunning, it has a huge main square and a lovely old town. There was lots of shopping to do be done. I strolled into what looks like a very upmarket store on the main square and in the foyer was a 1960’s Cadillac Eldorado Coupe in Beige – the size of an ocean liner! Beautiful!

We also visited Colditz. I have been there before; it has a dinky main square with a castle overlooking it. Same views as prisoners had from their windows and the courtyards. Still marvel at the ingenuity of the prisoners and their attempts to escape. We had a very informative guided tour of the castle and then time to look around.

Our free day- Thursday

I started the day by cleaning the coach; whilst I was cleaning I saw two blue jays zooming passed me into the trees – stunning colours! I got the camera out for wildlife shot, but every time I took aim they jumped up to a higher branch – maybe they were scared of photos…

Dinner at the Castle – Thursday Evening

Dinner was enjoyed in a fabulous room, adorned with suits of armour and almost a waiter each! It was a lovely meal, we took some great photos and then off we went for an early night!

Journey home – Friday

Friday it was the usual journey home. I have been really impressed with Saxony. It was like a huge forest everywhere, I am not a birdwatcher but you surely cannot fail to be impressed by the huge amount of birds of prey. Just magnificent!

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