Rhine House Party – Martin

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Friday began by welcoming lots of new and returning passengers at the interchange; a lot of passengers came over and we had a chat about past tours.

The change over went well and we were out in good time so I picked up all my passengers seamlessly. On the way to Dover there was a small traffic delay but it didn’t damper our spirits and we managed to get down to the port for 12.25 where I picked up my final passengers to board the 12.55 ferry.

On Saturday, with a change to the programme, Boppard was the first stop on our excursion; it was nice but cold weather. Then we went onto Koblenz where the sun was shining, I pointed out what to see and do, most passengers went up to town to have a relaxing drink on a sun terrace. Finally we visited the famous wine cellars of Anton Hammes in the village of Alken for wine tasting, which all the passengers enjoyed.

On Sunday morning we left the hotel for 9.30am and headed out on a short drive to St Goar to catch the ferry across the River Rhine, where we enjoyed some nice views. We stopped for a must-see photo opportunity at the most anticipated spot, the Loreley Rock which owes its fame to a mythical maiden who perches lasciviously at the tip of a strip of land jutting into then Rhine. From there it was on to Assmannshausen, and the Niederwald Monument where we followed some narrows roads on the way to the parking area near the monument of Kaiser William 1. We enjoyed a 40 minute stop and then headed down to Rudesheim, again via some narrow side roads. Along the way I pointed out the dock where the Rhine Cruiser leaves from and the 16th century Drosselgasse for my passengers to visit after I parked up.

Most of the passengers were travelling back to St Goar on the paddle steamer along the Rhine so I waited for the passengers by the cruise terminal and then got my coach to pick up the passengers not on the cruise. I left Rudesheim to head back to St Goar and then the hotel.

On Monday I will get my coach for 6am to load luggage for an early breakfast to leave for 7.15am heading back to England!

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