Snow Coach Arosa, Austria – Martin

For this tour I have George’s tri-axel Setra coach. I get out from the Interchange just after 09.30 and head down to Medway and Ashford to pick up a couple more passengers on the way down. We still made good time for the 12.05 ferry which was the Spirit of Britain.

We had a good run to our overnight hotel and got there for 20.30. I met a driver from another coach company who I knew so we had a chat.

We leave the hotel and set out on my route via the Rhine falls. I go by Triberg and the Back Forest to Schaffhausen with coffee stops on route. On the way there was heavy cloud followed by snow and sleet. We had no trouble at the German border this week; the policeman was very helpful and wanted to talk about Cornwall.
We arrived at the falls for lunch and the sun starts to shine. We then headed to our resort hotel via Switzerland. The weather was good for the rest of the journey and we arrived at the Hotel Weisses Kreuz, Feldkirch at 16.30.

We are joined by a local guide by the name of Albert to go to Arosa. Our drive takes us to Chur where we board the Chur – Arosa Rail Journey ( Snow Coach Arosa ). The train takes us up to about 1800 metres in the mountains as it makes its way to Arorsa. Compared to the last time I visited a lot of the snow had gone, however when we got to the end there was plenty of snow and it was about 7 degrees. We enjoyed some lunch and walked up to the town. Our return train journey was at 14.48 which was on time. Once back in Chur we returned to the hotel. In the evening we had a very pleasant singer for entertainment.

The weather forecast was not good for today as we headed up to the village of Schwarzenberg. My route took us over the Bodele Pass where it was foggy when we reached the top and plenty of snow. The temperature was a cold minus 3 degrees.
We enjoyed a short stop by the church that Angelika Kauffmann lived in and painted some of the Frescos. From there it was a short drive through the town of Egg to the Snapps Brewery for tasting.
After the Brewery we visited the Bavarian town of Lindau, on the way it starts to snow so after lunch most passengers were back on the coach early to warm up. We then went onto Bregenz, the capital of Vorarlberg but again only a few passengers wanted to walk into town so we headed back to relax at the hotel.

Tuesday was my drivers rest day. It was still snowing as I enjoyed a walk into Feldkirch with some of my passengers.

We called at Suchards Choclate Shop for a little chocolate shopping on our way to the famous ski resort of Zurs. On the way the sky cleared and we could see the tops of the mountains, it was wonderful scenery. The roads were clear so when we got to Zurs we enjoyed a coffee stop. Most of the passengers used the opportunity to take photos and watch all the skiers. From here we visited the mountain village of Lech. I called to see a friend of mine and lost my sun glasses somewhere! It was so warm in the sun that it was hard to think it was still mid March in Austria. On the way back we drove to Zug for a photo stop of all the people skiing. After an enjoyable day we then headed back to hotel for a relaxing afternoon in the sun.

We left our hotel for Luxembourg but not before the staff kindly give a small present from the hotel and wave us off. Soon after we cross into Switzerland we drove into snow and a lot of spray on the roads, we stop at the services after Zurich for a coffee and then on to Basel and in to France. We enjoyed lunch at Koenigsbourg Services followed by a good run up to our hotel where we arrived at 16.30.

We travelled up towards Brussels and on to Calais and got the return ferry at 14.20 so again a good drive

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Below are a selection of photos taken by Martin during his Snow Coach Arosa tour.


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