Ronnie – Moselle Valley

Day 1:
I met the coach at Dover this morning at about 11.00. We made the 12.05 crossing and had a very nice late afternoon & early evening drive towards our hotel in Trier, Germany
We made a stop just after the city of Liege in Belgium for dinner, then continued over the Ardennes to our hotel, arriving 2100, not a bad journey in.

Day 2:
Left the hotel at 09.30, we headed out via BitBurg to Echternach. It was very misty when we left the hotel but once we climbed out of the valley it was sunny and warm. We stopped for sightseeing & lunch before we climbed up into Little Switzerland, stopping at Larochette for coffee where we witnessed great views towards the Eifel and Hunsruck Hills. We also had a photo stop at the Beaufort Château then return to the hotel for around 16.45.

Day 3:
Today we set out to discover the Moselle River. We Left the hotel at 09.00 and Picked up the B53, which for the most part hugs the River Bank. Along the way we saw a replica of a Viking Long Boat making its way in direction of Bernkastel, but I have no idea where it was heading, it didn’t come into Bernkastel.
A great day weather-wise, but I have a stinking cold, but don’t worry about me!
This afternoon we continued to Cochem, always a favorite with our clients. Rain on the way back to the hotel, so we’ve had the best of the day.

Day 4:
A free day in Trier for the clients.
I went to bed with a hot toddy (not tottie) to try and shake off a terrible cold.

Day 5:
Lots of rain on the way back through Germany and the usual on the Belgian Motorways, people bumping into each other!
We made it to Calais for our crossing home in good time with stops for refreshments along the way.

Please feel free to leave a comment or question for Ronnie about this tour.

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