Robin – Driver – Normandy & D-Day Landings

On the Friday morning we enjoyed a superb run in on the feeder route. We arrived at the Interchange in Thurrock in very good time. We departed Thurrock and made our way south to Dover, picking up 4 passengers in Chatham.  We arrived at Dover and met with our Tour Manager Bev.
We bordered the new Spirit of France Ferry and had a pleasant crossing across the channel to Calais, France. From Calais we headed south towards Caen, arriving at the hotel at about 6.30pm.

After breakfast we left the hotel around 8.45am. Our First stop was the Caen Memorial. This was a very interesting museum to look around, everyone really enjoyed it.
We then headed to the Pegasus Bridge Museum where we learnt about the historical significance of the area and bridge and watched a short film starring Prince Charles. There was then free time to wonder over the new working bridge. One of my guests got stuck on the other side when the bridged opened to allow a boat to pass along the Caen canal. All part of the experience!
The Weather was not great, very windy. What you would expect from a coastal location pre summer.
We began our historical journey along the Normandy coast with the famous WW2 landing beaches of Sword, Juno and Gold. All the beaches hold great significance and encapsulate the enormous sacrifice and bravery during WW2.
We visited the D-Day museum in the lively seaside of Arromanche. Inside we enjoyed a couple of interesting films and learn in-depth the key stages of the D-Day landings. After our influential experience we headed back along the coast to our hotel in Caen.

Our last full day in France we departed the hotel around 8.45am.
We drove to the town of St. Mere Eglise which played significant part in the World War II Normandy landings. We then headed back along the coast to Utah Beach where we paid a visit to the Utah Beach American Memorial. The weather had now become very wet and windy.
After enjoying lunch on board the coach we headed to the visually spectacular Ponte De Hoch, a cliff top location on the coast of Normandy. We spent time here to take in the surroundings and reflect upon our journey so far.
We then visited the American National Cemetery in Normandy which sits poignantly on a cliff overlooking Omaha Beach and the English Channel. Here the rain went from slight to torrential with a couple of my guest getting caught out.
We stopped into Bayeux on the way back to the hotel and visited the Commonwealth Cemetery. There was free time to explore the area; some took the opportunity to visit the famous Bayeux Tapestry

On the way back up to Calais we stopped off in the Harbor town of Honfleur.
We passed over the large Pont de Normandie cable bridge which resembles the QE2 Bridge that spans over Dartford.
The Weather was beautiful on the way up, few fluffy clouds in the sky, much better compared to the weekend.  Despite the wind and rain on the previous days sprits where high throughout the tour. All in all everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Thank you
Robin 02/05/2012

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One response to “Robin – Driver – Normandy & D-Day Landings”

  1. dunhillblog says :

    yes i agree with robin even though the weather was not good it was nothing to what all the young men and woman suffered in wii its a must experience to see the d day Normandy tour and yes i was the fool that got stuck on the other side of the Pegasus bridge every one had a great time thank you robin and bev

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